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Trust Transfers

  • Are you tired of calling an 800 number to receive information about your current trust account?
  • Are you tired of talking to yet another trust officer?
  • Finally, are you concerned about the performance and income needs of your account?

Welcome to the “Trust Alternative.”

Matthai Capital Management, as a registered investment adviser, can now manage your trust account. All we need to do is review your current trust document to understand how to transfer your account.

Due to the continued mergers in the bank space over the past few years, it is very likely you are now talking with the fifth or sixth bank that has taken over your account thus, investment performance and service is not high on their list.

Large banks are not interested in smaller accounts and have no desire to give them the service and investment choices that they need. In the past, large banks have dominated the trust services business, but this has changed dramatically over the years. Now trust services are available from financial service providers.

No more narrow and proprietary approaches to investing necessary. Working with an RIA, Matthai Capital Management, we can customize each and every portfolio to the objectives of that specific account. We utilize top investment strategies that include the combination of global equities, alternatives and multiple choices of fixed income vehicles. The same administrative services are available, which include:

  • Oversight of trust assets
  • Accounting and recordkeeping
  • Reporting of trust receipts and disbursements
  • Tax reporting
  • Performance reports and statements

The big difference is the one-on-one personal touch you receive from Matthai Capital Management. Our goal is to make servicing your trust account a pleasant experience for you, not a headache. The advantages would include:

  • In-depth discussion of objectives and goals
  • Constructing a customized portfolio to reach the performance and income needs
  • Personalized service - no call centers, just people that know you
  • Access to your account via the internet
  • Highest standards of fiduciary conduct (RIAs have a fiduciary responsibility and are very different from brokers)

Please give us a call or drop us a line to see how we can make your trust account a more pleasant experience.