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The Matthai Wealth Map

There are five customized stages to our client process

1. “Compatibility” Stage: Introduction and Discovery

  • Who is Matthai Capital Management?
  • What do you need from Matthai Capital Management?
  • Can Matthai Capital Management provide what you need?

2. “Commitment” Stage: Getting Started

  • Clearly define our commitment to help you
  • Have you review and sign our “Investment Agreement” and the necessary forms to open your account, transfer assets, etc.
  • Have you complete an “Investor Profile Questionnaire”

3. “Charting the Course” Stage: Customized Investment Strategy

  • Provide you with a written recommended investment allocation and strategy for your account
  • Outline specific investment disciplines, guidelines and restrictions related to your account
  • Set expectations for implementation, ongoing investment management and performance

4. “Checking the Compass” Stage: Quarterly Performance Measurement

  • Provide you with a written commentary of the markets’ performance during the most recent quarter
  • Provide you with a summary of your account’s performance in the last quarter, year-to-date and since inception
  • Are you satisfied with the direction of your portfolio? Are adjustments necessary due to changes in your expectations, life events, financial needs, etc.?

5. “Communication” Stage: Ongoing Support Services

  • George Matthai will communicate with you about your account according to your preferred method (e-mail, phone, fax, text, etc.) and frequency (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, etc.)
  • Our professionals are always available to you to discuss your suggestions, concerns, questions, etc.
  • We provide a variety of additional support services tailored to your specific account needs (i.e. communicate directly with your accountant, on-demand electronic money transfers to your bank account, on-line access to your account, etc.)