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Our Investment Philosophy

Matthai Capital Management is driven by a philosophy that is based on the understanding and appreciation of the complexity of global markets. This is imperative in order to navigate the ever-changing environment inherent within the investment world.

Our discipline is what drives our process.

We strongly believe that asset allocation fundamentally determines risk and return within each portfolio. How we customize this to each client is key to long term success. We make modifications and variations based on interest rates, corporate profits, inflation, global economic growth and the technical nature (supply and demand) of the marketplace.

Our goal is to construct portfolios that are built for the long term, but have the flexibility to change if necessary. We strive to add value by using different strategies that either incorporate the dimensions of expected return (based on academic research) in their portfolios or are designed to reach very specific asset classes and sectors in a cost efficient manner. By utilizing either one or both of these strategies gives us access to thousands of securities that can be tailored to specific investment objectives.

If this is an investment philosophy that coincides with your values, let us know. We look forward to putting our years of experience and expertise to work for you!

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