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Investment Management and Planning


Wealth management goals vary widely from one investor to another. For example, one investor might need income, while another seeks only long term growth, and yet another requires short term liquidity. Since no two investors are alike, you would not and should not expect their investment portfolios to be exactly the same, though many times investors are sold a “one size fits all” investment approach.

Goal Planning & Portfolio Management

In an effort to address the unique profiles of each investor, we have a definitive process that starts with a “discovery” phase where we learn more about your specific objectives and goals and how much risk you are willing to take over what period of time. We utilize a robust program that allows for various situations, wants, or needs. Whether you are preparing for retirement, selling a business, or planning for annual trips abroad, we include all of these wants and needs into a final analysis customized for you.

Our mission is to match these wealth objectives with an investment portfolio (asset allocation) to meet these objectives. We do this by utilizing multiple institutional investment strategies comprised of stocks, bonds and alternatives (Real Estate, Commodities, etc.) in order to deliver a globally-diversified portfolio unique to you.

We are firm believers in isolating the time for capital accumulation and the time for capital preservation. Finding the correct balance for each investor is what’s important.


Are you an elite investor in need of solutions to preserve or grow your wealth, but haven’t found the right adviser to help you?

The accumulation of wealth brings with it financial challenges that require sophisticated investment solutions. Unfortunately, many advisers focus more on the less challenging aspects of investing and offer little help to those with more complicated situations.

At Matthai Capital Management, we enjoy tackling financial dilemmas that require “thinking outside the box.” We enjoy developing a plan that will solve the issues at hand, no matter how complex.

So whether it be diversifying a concentrated stock position, creating a legacy, or establishing a unique estate plan for complex assets, we stand ready to assist you. We welcome the opportunity and the challenge and look forward to providing the solution.