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A Boutique Investment Adviser to Family Offices

A “Family Office” is an entity engaged or established to assist affluent families or a group of families in the management of their financial affairs. We serve as a resource to help family offices fulfill their purpose.

It is one thing to create wealth but quite another to sustain it. We recognize one of the primary objectives of the family office is to sustain wealth for current and future generations.

Complex Issues Require Expert Solutions

Many times there are complex financial dilemmas facing the family office and they need a “problem solver.” One example might be how and when to deal with the risk of holding a concentrated position (a large amount of one stock). While the stock may have contributed to creating wealth, it could be the obstacle in sustaining wealth thus, a plan for diversifying may need to be established.

Managing substantial financial wealth requires experience and expertise and should be done in view of the tax, legal, and philanthropic planning being done by the family office. We believe using this integrated approach ensures the overall goals, objectives and requirements for the family are met.

How We Can Help You

If you are an executive of a family office or an individual family member with a family office, and would like an investment adviser that understands the dynamics and multi-faceted purposes of the family office, we can help. We have dedicated ourselves to understanding how best to assist those overseeing a family’s substantial wealth so it is preserved for generations to come.

Why work with us?

• We have solutions for concentrated equity positions
• We have a special arrangement with Dimensional Fund Advisors
• We understand the specific investment management expertise required for Charitable Remainder Trusts
• We can help you transfer and manage an existing trust portfolio if you are unhappy with the corporate trustee