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Ideal Client Profile

At Matthai Capital Management, we work with a distinct group of clients. Our clients have specific wants and needs that we are uniquely qualified to help them with. Please review our ideal client wants and needs.

We like to work with:

  • High-net-worth investors
  • Affluent women, married, divorced, or single
  • Family Offices managing finances for the affluent
  • Clients with investable assets of $500,000 and up
Mark Edwards George Matthai with Clients

Our ideal clients:

  • Are looking for an experienced investment advisor to manage their assets
  • Don’t want to be involved in the day-to-day management of their wealth
  • Want to hand off the management of their financial strategies to an expert
  • Are seeking a relationship with a fiduciary they can trust
  • Enthusiastically refer clients to us because they value our relationship

Our client situations:

  • You may be an attorney or trustee who wants to outsource money management
  • You may have recently gone through a life event such as divorce, death in the family, or you may have received an inheritance
  • You may have managed your own money but no longer wish to do so or you may wish to attain a higher level of wealth and become an elite investor
  • You may be looking for specific financial expertise pertaining to highly compensated individuals
George Matthai with Clients

Important issues in our clients’ lives:

Our high-net-worth clients...

  • Are concerned with the current tax environment and would like to find ways to lower their family’s tax burden
  • Are concerned with politics and where the country is headed
  • Seek expert solutions to complex problems they have experienced
  • May need to work on Estate Planning, Tax Planning, and Retirement Planning
  • Don’t want to be overly involved in the day-to-day management of their investments
  • Want to delegate investment management to an expert
  • Are looking for a beneficial advisor relationship and accessibility in order to make their life easier
  • May be considering how to leave a legacy to future generations or may have philanthropic needs

Our affluent women clients...

  • Want to hand off their financial matters to an expert
  • Understand and respect that we have experience in their unique financial needs
  • Are looking for access to expert financial resources
  • Seek privacy and exclusivity for their financial matters
George Matthai with Client

Our Family Office clients...

  • Are often trustees for their clients’ assets and want to delegate investment responsibilities to a fiduciary
  • Are seeking a professional that can generate a return for their family clients’ assets
  • Are looking for tax-managed, donor-advised funds for their clients, at a reasonable cost
  • Support philanthropic causes important to their clients
  • Want to consolidate investments with a fiduciary investment manager
  • Seek investment vehicles that give their clients flexibility
  • Are pleased with our global perspective – we can align a portfolio with international investment objectives

Our clients enjoy working with us because:

  • We are trustworthy – we provide peace of mind
  • We are accessible, responsive, and personally available to our clients (we are not an 800 number)
  • We have specific expertise relating to the needs of the affluent
  • They have confidence in what we do and do not need to second-guess our work
George Matthai and Mark Edwards with Clients

Some of our clients work in these professions:

  • Attorneys
  • Business Owners
  • Professionals